About: Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources

Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources

The Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources as recently constituted have under gone a lot of metamorphosis over the years.

The Ministry started as the Department of Environmental Protection in Ministry of Works and Transport at the creation of State in 1987. In 1994   Akwa Ibom State Environmental Protection Agency (AKSEPA) was established with Engr. Bassey Gideon Bassey as the Director and Chief Executive. In 1999 the Agency was changed to Ministry of Housing and Environment with Arc. Okon E. Obot as Honorable Commissioner and Mr. Asuquo W. Inyang as the Permanent Secretary.

In 2000 the Ministry became Ministry of Environment with Chief Isidore N. Akpan Ebe as Honorable Commissioner and Sir Patrick J. Umoh as the Permanent Secretary. In 2002 Barrister Joe Ukpong was the Honorable Commissioner and Engr. Bassey G. Bassey the Permanent Secretary

In 2002 a new Ministry was created known as the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources with Dr. Okon Umoetuk as Honorable Commissioner and Dr. Obong Okon A. Ekanem as Permanent Secretary. Barr. Godswill Obot Akpabio, who later appointed Honourable Commissioner of the Ministry. He later became the Governor of the State.

In 2003, these two Ministries (Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources) were merged to become Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, and Engr. Linus Ekon was the Honorable Commissioner while Dr. E.N. Akpan was the Permanent Secretary.  In 2006, Dr. Offiong Edet J. Attih was the Honorable Commissioner and Dr. Inyang S. Udousoro was the Permanent Secretary.

In 2007, a new Commissioner was appointed, in the person of Hon. Eno S. Akpan, with Mrs. Cecilia E. Udoessien as Permanent Secretary. 2008, a lady, Barr. Mrs. Valerie Ebe was the Honorable Commissioner, and Mrs. Arit E. Okpo the Permanent Secretary. In 2010, Mr. Census Ekpu was the Commissioner and Mrs. Grace V. Iwok the Permanent Secretary. In 2011, Mr. John Harry became the Commissioner and Mrs. Atim I. Enoh the Permanent Secretary.

In 2012, Prince Enobong Uwah became the Commissioner; Mrs. Atim I. Enoh still remained the Permanent Secretary. On her retirement in 2013 Mr. Effiong Charles Udo assumed the office of the Permanent Secretary till date.

OUR MISSION: To develop and implement policies and projects as well as encourage actions that support protection and conservation of the State ecosystem (including fauna and flora), and ensure a peaceful and quality environment for poverty reduction and sustainable development.

OUR VISION: To reposition the environment state forest reserves, flood/ erosion control, pollution/waste management, public awareness, and mineral resources exploration and exploitation, as the hub of the State’s sustainable development.


The Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources is presently structured as follows:

  •  The Office of the Honorable Commissioner
  • The Office of the Permanent Secretary
  • The Directorate of Administration and Supplies
  •   The Directorate of Accounts and Finance
  • Directorate of Planning, Research and Statistics
  • Directorate of Forestry and Environmental Conservation
  • Directorate of Flood/Erosion Control
  • Directorate of Pollution and Waste Management
  • Directorate of Mineral Resources
  • Directorate of Environmental Education/ Awareness
  • Akwa Ibom State Environmental Protection and Waste Management Agency



The Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources is saddled with the following responsibilities:

  • Environmental Policies and Programmes
  • Waste Management and Pollution Control
  • Liaising with Oil Communities and Companies to ensure that a conducive work environment is created.
  • Sustained sensitization of the citizenry on Environmental issues through Seminars, Conferences, Print, Electronic and Trade – media
  • Encourage individual and community participation in Environmental Improvement Programmes.
  • Accreditation of Environmental Consultants and Contractors.
  • Forestry Resources Policy Development and Programmes
  • Development, Maintenance, Control and Preservation of Wild Life and Games Reserves
  • Co-ordination and Inter-Governmental Co-operation on Forestry and Ecology Matters
  • General Co-ordination, Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Laws and Regulations in the State
  • Working in concert with counterpart Agencies at the Federal level such as Federal Ministry of Environment, Federal Ministry of Niger delta Affairs, Ecological Funds Office, National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), and National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA).
  • Provision of Research, Technological and Technical Assistance to Public and Private Bodies engaged in the protection of Environment
  • Liaise with the NNPC, NOSDRA, DPR and other related Institutions and Agencies on petroleum and condensates matters
  • Regulation, Harmonization and Co-ordination of the activities of Environmental Groups and practitioners within the State
  • Streets Identification
  • Erosion and Flood Control
  • Preserving the rich biodiversity of the State
  • Co – operative with other organization International, National, States, NGOs, CBOs Industries, Companies, Agencies on all Environmental Matters.
  • Enforcement of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) for project sustainability
  • Monitoring of Activities of Oil Companies and Oil Servicing Companies Operating in the State


  •   Renovation of Ibom Plaza in order to improve its aesthetics and promote tourism potentials.
  •   Improved and effective urban refuse evacuation and disposal activities especially within the State Capital, Uyo with the construction of a State-of-the-Art Waste Management Equipment and Maintenance Facility at Itam.
  •   Purchase of 9 truck compactors and 750 refuse receptacles which are strategically located within the Capital City.
  •   Four staff of the EIA Division have enjoyed overseas training and management on EIA, Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Coastal Zone Management in India, and Malta, Europe respectively.
  •   Three staff from Waste Management Division have also enjoyed overseas training in China.
  •   House to house sanitary inspection of premises within the metropolis has begun with the assistance of Professional Environmental Health Officers.
  •   Establishment of Green Brigade for aggressive waste management and road sweeping, which have provided job opportunity for 2500 youths of Akwa Ibom State.
  •   Sensitization of the general public on Climate Change effects and its adaptation as well as litigations measures.
  •   One hundred and Sixteen (116) EIA Reports on Projects has been registered, ( fifty Seven (57) Federal, then Twenty Nine (29) State received approval, Eighteen (18) have undergone panel Review, while Eleven (11) are under document.
  • This Ministry organized the 1st Akwa Ibom State Oil Gas Summit with the theme “Harnessing the Oil and Gas potentials of Akwa Ibom State – opportunities and challenges” in May, 2011. The forum provided a platform for prospective investors to interface with the oil and gas companies with a view to exploring available opportunities in the State.
  • Facilitated the signing of Seven (7) Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) between Oil Companies and their host Communities in the State as well as prompt intervention during conflicts through dialogue with aggrieved parties. The Administration also encouraged Oil and Gas Companies in the State to implement their Corporate Social Responsibilities in their host Communities.
  •   Regular management of Oil Spill and Remediation of impacted sites.
  • The Ministry has also undertaken reconnaissance survey of Solid Minerals Depots available in the State. So far the State is blessed with abundant industrial minerals such as limestone at Obotme, Clay, Sand, gravel and laterite deposits widespread in almost all the Local Government Area of the State. These industrial minerals will enhance industrialization programme of the State Government.
  • Surveillance / Investigation of excavation sites in the State by Construction Companies
  • Development of Ministry Website (www.aksenvironment.com) and Facebook Page which has facilitated on – line interaction with members of the public on Environmental issues and Complaints.
  • Increased positive environmental attitudes by the populace due to aggressive sensitization through jingles on Radio and Television on environmental issues Panel Discussions, Awareness Campaigns.
  • Streamline the Operation of Outdoor Advertisement in the State with reference to structures.
  • Preparation of Draft Environmental Law for the State Environment.
  • Development of Akwa Ibom State Policy on Environment through the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme.
  • Launching of Ibom Programme for Environmental Awareness -2013
  • Outfall Underground Storm Water Drainage System with the Features of Flood Control Pipe Jacking and Micro Tunneling Method Completed in Abak and Uyo
  • Nkemba Trough, culverts at Uruan Street / Oron Road, underground drains from Udotung Ubo with outlet at Dominic Utuk Avenue desilted for the first time since construction
  • Engineering Studies and Design of Anti – Ravine Fecilities to Control of Uyo Ravines. Those for the Control of Eka and Asutan Street ravines and Dominic Utuk are completed
  • Completed Remedial Works on the Eka and Dominic Utuk Street Gully Heads
  • The Flood Control Project at Nwanaiba Road – Ewet Timber Market – Uruan Street and its environs has progressed to over 90% completion.
  • 97% completion of Uruan Street dual carriage way
  • Documentation of over 300 gully/ flood menace sites statewide.